Life in Delhi/NCR

I visited Delhi/NCR many times before, but now.., as I am living in this region my opinion about this region is all changed, this place seems to be a hell to me… So many people walking around at various public places, overcrowded stations, markets, hospitals etc.

Earlier I use to visit Delhi and checkout the various shopping Malls, Restaurants, Places to visit like Qutab Minar, C.P., Delhi Gate, Daryaganj book market etc. But now, working here in Delhi NCR made me realised the level of difficulty of lifestyle in this region.

Life in a metro

Here I feel so time bound with a congested schedule, that I don’t get any time to think about myself, or about anything else… The day starts at 7.30 am, making a target to reach Mandi House metro station by 8.30 am. Then, at 9.30 office timings start, and you become free at 6 pm, and then you realize that all of the day is gone, and there is no time for masti.., So, you are left with weekends for masti. Well… thats enough for me, but then, I don’t have any close and good friend of mine around with whom I can enjoy. So, you miss your friends once again..

Anyways.. Talking in general, Life in a NCR appears to be costly living and it feels like people don’t have time for themselves, and other’s emotional values.

P.S. :- I am looking for an affordable luxurious accommodation, in Noida, connected with Sector 125, and my budget is 7000-8000 INR. Even after my daily day end research, I haven’t found anything productive so far… Sad smile

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