A day out at Darya Ganj

I am always fascinated about going to Daryaganj, after all you got to see a hell lot of books, in Sunday book market of Daryaganj, but this time, my visit was a depressing one, partially because of me only..

I was at my friends’ Mayank’s home this weekend, in Gurgaon, woke up late on sunday morning, and it takes 2 hours to reach from Gugaon, sector 15 to Delhi Gate, Daryaganj. So, anyhow, we managed to reach there at 12 noon. This is really not a good time to visit Daryaganj, especially in summers, it was too hot to browse for books in open market, I was surprised to see, foreign tourist enjoying this kind of shopping.

I would recommend you to reach Darayganj by 9 am, vendors get seated over there at that time, crowd is also less, and you can easily get your favorite book at that time, without roaming around much under the bright sun.

Here are few quick tips if you are planning to visit Daryaganj Book Market-

  • Go only if you require novels
  • Academic books are available over there, but you won’t buy them coz most of them are very old editions and obsolete, and those academic books are also not much of a bargain over there.
  • Do carry a bag with you if you are thinking of a lot of book hunting.
  • Prepare a list of books, before heading over, as this will help you to be focused on particular books, otherwise, its like sea of books over there.
  • A water bottle is essential for every travel in summers. Do take it, don’t forget it.
By the way you can easily reach Daryaganj from your place by De-boarding at Pragati Maidan station, and taking a DTC bus for Delhi gate, 429 number bus has very rapid service from there.
At the end of day I came up with Previous year’s CAT Paper’s book and a rough notebook from there. Not much productive for me.. 🙁

4 thoughts on “A day out at Darya Ganj”

  1. Hi Prateek. How was the bargain for CAT material? I am interested in the UPSC material and want an idea on the bargaining. I know its tight but if you could help with a general guideline from your experience. And also, I remember from around 5 years back, the academic book vendors were clustered at one corner. Still the same? Thanks for your blog. Good job.

  2. Not much.. It was around 10-15% of the price he said. Had it been a novel you could have easily got 50-60% off. Sometimes 90%+ off. Its still the same you will find the academic book vendors around the one side, and other book vendors on other side of road.

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