How I touched Shimla

After Phoenix 2011, I realized the upcoming week(11-15 April 2011) is having alternate holidays. So, now we could plan out to go somewhere to relax.., as I love traveling..!
I was at my massi’s.., and swati asked me.., ham ghoomne ka plan bna rhe hai.. chalega..?
Of course.., han.. 🙂
And then she asked again, as if she was in doubt.., how could I refuse to go to shimla.., when I’ve never been there.., and I already missed a chance previous weekend.. So. I said yes..!

But I was still in doubt about the plan., coz it was not of Shimla orignally, it was for kasuli.. Somehow, I managed to make it upto Shimla.., and unbelievably we reached Shimla next day, and we had another nite out.. and this time the thing to celebrate was Samsung Engg.. job letter 🙂

Golmaal Gang, Courtesy- R.A.

We had loads of fun in Shimla, the only thing we missed was ride on Toy Train.., the best thing happened ti us was.., we were having ample time to roam around in shimla, despite the fact that we were there for a single day, and the worst thing happened was that digicam broke.. 🙁
The place was amazing, one must visit there.., whenever possible. You might get photo-shots, like those of movie Twilight, near Jakhu Templa, Shimla.

The Goan Feel

Well.., as we all know I like traveling very much… my experience to Goa was an awesome lifetime traveling experience..
I enjoyed so much with my friends.., and I am still living in the Goa feel.., I can’t forget the days we had so much fun together.., and it was all because of my friends Hitesh, Divay, Nishant, Rohit and Abhisheik..

About the photo- It was taken by some Portuguese tourist, and the moment was great when he came. Mr. Choudhary had a great talk with him.. 🙂