My Friend Bharat Sachdeva

The person from Ambala, the one who slided from Electrical to Electronics, a very brilliant scholar Bharat Sachdeva, this was all I knew about Bharat at end of first year.., probably because he never used to hangout with me much, and just kept himself busy in “studying” around..


Second year bought us all together with Bharat and Alok your room mates I did realised how much we rock all together.., but as third year came we all lost contact, especially me.., bas tabhi miltey the, jab ghar jana ho.. 🙂 Finally, final year again bought us together and we enjoyed a lot of it.. There are lots of thing I will remember that we’ve done all together some of them which I won’t forget by any chance are..

Things I will always remember – The particular posture in which you used to read books, while studying; Your song.. “I can be your hero baby., I can kiss away the pain..” its like your trademark, if you ever hear this song in hostel, you can say for sure, its Bharat on the other side., I’ll also remember the days we go to gym, and ate a loads of eggs… 🙂

Aapki Achiyan.. – You do share everything with your friends, you respect friendship, your brown eyes.. 😉

Aapki Khamiyan.. – Alsi, Ziddi and Mobile Worm..

My Friend Ashwini Tiwari

My balcony mate, my classmate, and a good friends, who always helped me by keeping me updated about classes, their schedule, assignments, exam preparations, and loads of other stuff.

Well.., even in final year, if I’ve seen someone who is still hating this college and want to get out as soon as possible, then it is Ashwini Tiwari. Now, after getting his job at Siemen’s he seem to be pretty much happier these days, at last luck favoured the boy.. 😉

I’ll never forget all the academic helps you’ve done to me so far, you were like the best and ideal balcony mate for me in 3rd year and final year. Stay like that.., best wishes..


Special thanks and congratulations on successful major project completion. 🙂

My Friend Anshika Sinha

Anshika Sinha, welll… I don’t know much about you, and girls have always been a mystery to me.. Waise., I like your big big mickey mouse like eyes.. 😉 and the fact that you are good at real life social networking.

It was good to be friends with one of most discussed girl in Boys Hostel, NIT Kurukshetra. 😉


Things I’ll never forget- Your kind gesture for my friends from MMU, Mullana; The way you pose before camera, as made to my notice by H. Gomber.

Aapki Achiyan. – You are pretty much straightforward about things.., Helpful, Understanding, smart & strong

Aapki Buriyan. – Shimla mein wo to hi thi na.., jo deer tak so rhi thi.. subah.. 😛

My Friend Aditi Goyal

I am going to write Testimonials for all my good friends, this is series of post will be published by my friends’ name, alphabetically. So, lets start this.. 🙂
Aditi.., you were with me from very childhood in same school, but being not in same section, I never got a chance to chat with you or know more about you.., Well.. Anyways.. I guess i am not the types who chats around much (as I am kind of shy.. don’t know why!!!), it wouldn’t have effected in anyway.. 🙂


But, as we got into same college and that too in same class.., I got to know you a bit more, and discovered that you have a very good nature as a human being, you are smart, understanding, brilliant, energetic, enthusiastic and all.. 🙂
Things I will always remember – You spotted my carelessness when I handed you my red jacket for your dress code, Speaking punctuation marks while talking.. 😉 ,The Night-out, The Shimla trip and of course The UNO game.
As what I observed you I’ll write some positive and negatives for you, as no one is perfect… 😛
Aapki aachiyan.. – Some of them are mentioned above in addition to them you are having Caring, cool and understanding kind of nature.
Aapki, khamiyan.. – Seems like I can’t remember anything in particular.. 🙂