My Friend Choudhary N.

On special demand of Mr. Choudhary, I am publishing this post, earlier than its decided time/schedule to be posted on… So,.. here it goes for you Mr. Choudhary..

Mr. Nishant Choudhary was the one whom I offically met in my first class at college, in welding workshop, I still remembered that day, how he looked like. And I recognized him as my neighbour, that was probably one of my good days at college, the very first day when I met the great personality like Mr. Choudhary and Mayank Pratap…

Even though I am not the one who talks much, but I do enjoy talking with this person, he is a good listener and understanding person. Well, you do speak a lot and that too after giving a deep thought to it.. That’s good in you. 🙂

Sometimes, I feel like I want to be like Nishant Choudhary, you are like the combination of all good things, except a few ( no one is perfect. :P)

Nishant Choudhary

I do have lots of memories with you which I’ll never forget like the first year days, you visiting our room and telling the stories, Chandigarh night out, Pool games we had together and of course The Goa trip and all the talks on train.. Winking smile

There is no need to specifically mention your aachiyan and buriya.., insted I’ll just mention one of your bad habit, its just that you drink a lot, and you know  it well.., but anyways, its good that you don’t harm anybody even while you are drunk.

My Friend Mayank Pratap

Well, you are the only person who was with me right from the beginning of this college, and till the end of this college, you proved to be a gem to me as a friend. We shared a lot of our lives’ secrets, joys, happy and sad moments together. I’ve a lot to write about you as I think I know you much.., but I’ll keep this short.

You were my first friend at college and managed to be a good room mate right from first year, even though  I am so messed up kind of person. You can actually see, how my room remains without your help of “organising the stuff” Smile

I’ve a lots things that I’ll always remember from the time we spent together.., like the first year exam preparation days and N. Choudhary being our neighbour , the second year card playing days.., and the ooutstation tours to vaishnodevi, amritsar, chandigarh night-out etc.., and of course your recent interest in playing Pool, having fun after job.. Smile with tongue out

Mayank Pratap

Aapki aachiyan. – Brilliant Scholar, Hardworking, Ambitious, a nice room mate.. 😉

Aapki Khamiyan. – Sometimes you irritate me by faking that you haven’t got what I said, sometimes you act dumb, and you are a bit stubborn.

My Friend Hitesh Gomber

Hitesh Gomber or Nawab is the one in my college whom I observed as the one with maximum change in nature, behaviour, lifestyle, etc… I’ve known this person since the very first day of his college life, and if I just describe this person in words.. I would have to write a lots of paragraphs.., H. Gomber was a geeky boy with thick spectacles on the very first day and used to sit on first bench of the class, used to keep all the studying stuff updated like, assignments, homework and all.. We used to enjoy a lot by making fun of him, like I do remember the ghost prank we did with him.., it was fun.. 🙂

But Man..!, What he is right now, its all changed. Its like reversal of personality, well I must say something in Electrical Engineering must have bought those changes. My four year could not have been like that, if he was not my friend.

In short, aapke saath geeky boy se mast aur cool dude tak ka safar bhaut ji romanchak rha…, and I enjoyed it a lot.


Things I’ll always remember – The pranks with you, your b’day party at hostel, you and mayank in our room in first year, Amritsar trip, Your dude gyaan.., and of course The Goa Trip.

Aapki aachiyan – You are the “dude” Smile with tongue out, caring, smart, etc… Smile with tongue out

Aapki Khamiyan. – Koi ek ho to btao..,  bhaut badi list h.., jo ki kafi had tak tu bhi janta hi h.. Smile with tongue out. On the top of the list is.., “Apni baat ko zabardasti manwane wali aadat

My Friend Bhupender Singh Chabra

Well.. Bhupender singh chabra, better known as Bhupi in our college is one of good friend of mine. I’ve never met a bihari sardar before.. 😉 But this was cool..meeting this guy was kind of nice experience, we met officially in class of civil engineering, there was one thing i noticed about him, he was pretty much lazy, and would’ve never expected he could be president of Infrastructure Society, and would ever be able to organize a fest.., but even after being so lazy, he did organized Phoenix and it was good too.. 🙂

There is something which I’ve missed, that, I’ve never got a chance for a trip to some place with you in the group.
Being a classmate and a good friend we have lots of time spent together and some moments which I’ll never forget are.. The Chandigarh bike ride, Dinner at Gopal’s, Himalaya Marg, Sector 35C, Chandigarh; The Phoenix 2010 and 2011; The Cappuccinos at CCD, Kessal Mall, Kurukshetra; The Pool; Thousands of debts and credits.. 😉
Aapki Achiyan.. –  Your confidence, you have good responsibility handling characterstics, you make the good impression on a person you want to.., but sachiye to hmein hi pta h.. 😉
Aapki khamiyan.. – The worst thing in you is that you wake up too late in morning, sometimes you are selfish( Well., everybody is…)