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It was December 15, 2011 when officially my probation period for post of Project Engineer got completed, and everybody who joined along with me was pretty much excited, because it was the day when they were going to be promoted, but I was having doubts in my mind that management must be least concerned about as.. After all, its HR Management of an EPC company. And my doubts got verified at the end of day, we neither received any mail, nor any letter of appointment as a Project Engineer.
Well, this concern of HR department of an organization shows how much they are concerned about the people who work for them, and this is something I think personally that level of commitment towards an organization not only depends upon how much monetary compensation one person is getting, it rather depends upon many other factors too. Dealing with humans is one of the most difficult managerial practice, and management fails if 90% of employees of an organization are dissatisfied with the role they are playing towards betterment of the organization.
But.. this was all my personal opinion, it may vary and I’ve seen it varying a lot form person to person. There are few Pioneers working along with me, who have seen and worked along with organizations to bring them to a next level, they’ve got the best experience to themselves. They know the best how to work effectively and make optimum use of resources to bring your organization to next level. They deserve managerial positions a big domain in working of projects and things should be kept transparent to them, if not done so they often get dissatisfied and their is a loss of a major amount of human manpower, which could otherwise served in a lot better ways. Well, one such incident happened today at my organization, and my organization lost such a Pioneer. It was nice bidding farewell to him, I wish him all the best for his upcoming future endeavors.

Colleagues from my workplace 🙂


I was just reading this article on GigaOM blog, and I’ve found its really cool to have a technological start up in India, all you need to have is a good idea and a bit of know-how..
Some of the really cool start up ideas which are now a successful giants include snapdeal,, etc..

The good thing is that all the young mind, the techies are starting up these ventures. Colleges are also encouraging  for new start ups instead of going for campus placements, like I’ve liked the initiative of IITB very much.
But well the path of Entrepreneurship is very risky, its cool for the one who wants to add spice to their life, love adventures, and want to explore the world. To be on safe side you can always go for an Insurance to your carrier like doing an M.B.A.
Talking about my personal ideas on start up, social media world has always fantasized me as potential market for generating good amount of money, starting up with analytics of social media research, reach of advertisers are some of the things which interest me apart from my interest in software development on CMS frameworks like wordpress, joomla, mediawiki etc.
But there are hell lot of things I can do, or I must say I want to do.., but I’ll have to choose one, and this is always one of the most difficult part of life, when you have to choose between the things you equally desire..

Economic Meltdown and Me..

Well… The bad time is coming up.., this economic breakdown is seriously affecting my personal finances, and I am unable to track my spendings. Firstly, I got my salary after 45 days of waiting because I was paid early in festive season, and now I realized the fact that I am left with not even a single penny from this month’s salary. Managing Personal finances has become a serious problem to me in this increasing inflation and times of economic breakdown, even big companies are being affected by this meltdown. [The Hindu]
Somethings which are making it more worse than ever is that I am also not getting any freelancing jobs these days!

My problem is very small as compared to this problem of inflation affecting the Indian Economy as a whole. Government is not able to put any control on increasing prices of commodities, rise in living expenses for a standard or sub-standard living.
Moreover Rupee has also achieved its lowest place in past two years against dollar. I don’t know whats wrong with economics of country when it is being headed by an Economist, and Union Minister for Home affairs being an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Whats the use of getting such premier education, some times by looking at these politicians I feel like going for an M.B.A. is just waste of money. You can never learn management in a room, its rather art, in which very few people are perfect.

On the Move!

Well, as you all guys know, I am running very busy these days, so maintaining a blog is a bit difficult task for me these days. But I would now utilize some of my time at office to keep my blog up and share my Life’s news with you people. By the way, the old times are going to vanish soon, when I used to live in Chalera, Sector 44, Noida. That place was really a hell for me, especially when it comes to power cuts.
We are now moving to Sector 41, Noida, along with two of my colleague. This place is a lot better than previous one, the best part is that Papa Jhone’s Pizza shop is just 800-900 meters away from the place where I’ll be living. I’ll be moving there on 6th October 2011, living in a village was never a good experince with me, whether it may be an Urban village like Challera or a real village which can be found in sub-urbs of Haryana and Punjab.

By the way.. I am becoming highly active on twitter these days, and getting addicted to tweeting, its all fun, thanks to Mobileways Gravity application. 🙂
It would be great if you can catch me up on twitter @prateeksingla

Very soon, I’ll be back with working on my Tech blog “Chill Geeks” too… I am thinking of a giveaway, worth $50, on Chill Geeks very soon. So, stay tuned.. Keep reading and sharing! 🙂