My Friend Swati Garg

Well.. I so wanted to write it as early as possible, but it got late… because of her name.. Swati… Pehle to “S” se shuru hota h, aur upar se S ke baad “W”. ckbn… Swati Garg is one of my best friends I could have… Well., from first year, if there was any girl in our college, with whom I was not shy at all, it was her.., because of obvious reasons.. 🙂
I got so excited when it was fourth counselling of NIT Kurukshetra, and after so many hindrances, she made it into NIT Kurukshetra… and the best part was, she also got the same class.., “The E2 section”, in which I was also there. She might have thought that I could help her covering up the syllabus which was lagging on her part, but who knows that me.., myself was also lagging in getting any of the things taught in our first year classes. Well, even after she got admitted in Fourth Counselling, the girl have made it to slide her self to Electrical Engineering… Wow.. Must have worked very hard.. 😛

Changed pic on special demand.. 🙂

Well.., then came second year, aur uske baad se to darshan bhi tab hi hote hai, agar phone pe pehle btao… 🙁
But anyways.., we had spent a lot of quality time together as friends as well as cousins.. 😉
I never knew her more than this, before she got into same college… 🙂
Now I know her better… and, she is as sweet as she looks, with a very pure and kind heart, and a great music fan I guess… She is a big portable database of Hindi Movie songs, you just need to give a situation and she can suggest you best fitting song for the situation in less than 10 seconds… Kabhi mein sochta tha.., ki mein bhi ek kafi bada music fan hu…, but isey dekh ke depression sa ho jata h… 🙁
There are lots and loads of memories, with you which I won’t forget… Some of them are… The day of fourth counselling, Your B’day, our family trips, The shimla trip, and all the sacrifices 😛

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