My friend Pranshu Mahajan

I was a bit busy with exams, got a break in between, so now continuing with my testimonials, here is the one for Praanshu Mahajan.

Well.., in first year, when I met him, he was my neighbour and some his noticeable things were.., the guy is very much conscious about cleanliness around… So, he can be easily found cleaning his room everyday, and bathing two times a day, etc.. The other thing was.., whenever he is around it is meant to be the things might get misplaced or just lost..! So.. Beware! 🙂

This guy may look small to you but for sure he is a grown up man, and now with a muscular body and a few girl friends.. 😉

Things I’ll always remember- Exam ki parchiyan…, Teri safai rakhne ki aadat, Amritsar Tour, Games of 8-ball Pool we had.. 🙂

Aapki Achiyan- You are a good person by heart

Aapki kamiyan- You are a bit careless guy.. 😛

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