Love or Politics?

First let me elucidate that the “Love” which I am going to talk about here is the teenage love or more precisely the adolescent love aroused because of sexual desires. Love is something whose definition has always been elusive to me, one of the reason is I’ve never experienced anything so strong in terms of feelings, I can always work on them curb them whenever required and get over the things that I wished for. In my definition, Love should be pure, the unprecedented one and it should be like devotion to something. But this is just a romantic way to define love; it is poles apart from what is real. To some people infatuation is love, to some sacrifice is love, and to some sex is love. I’ve only seen the real love as per idealistic definition, in movies like Twilight.


Well… I’ve been in love (May be it was..) and as I am not successful in politics and so I got hard luck to get success in “Love”. Love in today’s world seems hardcore politics to me. Most of the things can be directly observed as nothing but politics. The story starts something like this there is a boy much similar to electoral candidate who is in love with girl much similar to people of his constituency. Please note this is pre-election condition. The boy tries every possible way on earth to coax the girl to get in love with him, he starts with gentle flattery conversations and there comes other contenders too just like pre-election scenario and girl generally enjoy this part very much, then once she declares commitment to a particular boy, there starts the decay of so called “Love”, and it gradually ends and there are re-elections. In some cases liking is induced from both sides and even after re-election winning candidate remains the same. This love also involves bribery at times when needed and other party support may work wonders. Who says if you have money you can’t buy love.., it’s all game of politics if you have money and an agenda of achieving love, one can buy it very easily.


In the end, I would say it’s truly said for today’s world all is fair in love, war and politics. These are not governed by any rules, only a good experience, luck, money or other party’s support can help you win it. Moreover, Love is Deaf Dumb and Blind and so are our politicians.