Extract images from office document

At times you might need to extract images from a powerpoint presentation or a word document. It can be very tedious job to extract those images individually. Moreover, this is a time consuming activity.
This can be easily done by renamming the powerpoint/word file into a zip file and the extracting data from it.
Here is how a typical powerpoint file looks when unzipped.

Folder structure
Directory structure of powerpoint file

Above tree structure reveals how infromation is organized in microsoft office powerpoint file.

  • docProps folder is used to store file properties and thumbnail information
  • ppt folder contains information on various ojects used in a presentation
  • _rels folder defines relationship among various files

To get all images in a microsoft office document, one can look into media folder, which contains all images used in an office document.
Similarly, other folders contain information about other objects used in an office document.

You can read more about this tree structure at MSDN.

Fast Data Entry in Excel

If you are entering lots of data from your hard copy questionnaire to Excel, then, here is a smart way I have discovered to do it, which increases your efficiency more than by 100%. I will illustrate this techniques using example where I am having 100 cases to input in different rows, each case having different response to every column (or question).

Usually you would do this by individually putting in the data  in every cell then moving across by pressing tab and enter. But here is a small trick by which you can increase your speed and avaoid pressing hundreds of tabs unnecessarily.
Trick is simple and explained in video and below-

  1. Input your data into notepad, separating each case by enter
  2. Use find and replace to create a comma separated file, ready for pasting into excel.
  3. Use Excel Text import wizard to import all data, and you are done!

Let me know through your comments about your views on this  trick, or ask me anything if it is not clear to you.