Getting Started with Oracle Certified Java Associate – OCA

So, as I was preparing for Java for a while, I thought it would be better to get certified by the developers of Java. So, I’ve decided to get certified with Oracle’s latest Java Certification Exam, starting with Oracle Certified Java Associate level exam. The information that I got to know about this exam so far is that this exam is conducted at Pearson Testing Center and costs about Rs 9000 including taxes. Anyone, who is serious about Java should take this exam, as it would give them a confidence over their programming skill.

If you are interested in giving this exam, you can see some sample questions and the syllabus of this exam at this link-


I would also recommend using Enthuware Test series, once you feel you are fully prepared for exam.

Java & Prorgramming

So.. It was a long time I was not doing anything new in computers, so now I decided to make an Android application. But you need to know java and then you need to know How android SDK works.. Well now I’ve officially started learning java lets see how it goes. BTW, I like the coffee icon of java 😉

I am using the java help file which is used to create tutorials at official Sun Java website. If you are also intrested you can download the e-book from here []