Freedom – An Opinion

With this article I am going to scrutinize the fact about, what freedom actually is. The article may become Elusive itself at some level. However, I am going to try to keep it as lucid as I can. So, Freedom, which common man sees as a situation in which he or she is not restrained for his/her actions, thoughts, beliefs, etc. This is what I call as Political Freedom, the word “freedom” is generally referred to Political freedom so, lets discuss about the political freedom first.

Its happy to be living in a free country like India and at times I feel proud to be living in a much better situation than it could have been possible in any other countries where freedom to articulate their views may be declared as criminal transgression. Constitution of India provides a lot of freedom and noninterventionist attitude to the People of India, Thus keeping the state harmonious and enabling the citizens to enjoy and practise their rights to greater extent. But, even in highly liberal and Independent state like India, sometimes government issues order to bridle the news and opinions and this is certainly not new. In some situations it is required to curb the news so that destructive outcomes may be avoided. I shall not be referring to any particular incident over here but there are times when freedom of citizens, rights of citizens gets impinged, and the result is people really don’t think themselves as a citizen of free country. Hence they come up with the demands of separating themselves as another nation and here starts the work of the great evil “Ego”. I believe ego works at all levels and it’s a primary source of any crusade. Ego should be handled carefully, as these nations when get divided become vulnerable to greater threats like less economic stability lesser amount of security forces, ultimately mass destructions takes place and civilisations end. So, for a common man freedom is a pre requisite to a healthy living society. Where our actions and thoughts are not controlled by government their lies the freedom!

Being a science student, I relate freedom as an absolute measure of being free from all kind of forces. I see freedom as the time when I can choose myself about what I want to do, which forces I want to be involved in doing something etc… This is purely an idealistic definition of freedom, only true for some magicians who can even resurrect people from the dead. As per this definition freedom is something which is very difficult to achieve. But scientists are trying to figure out where the actual freedom lies they are constantly looking way to understand nature and re-engineer it the way the like few years ago no one could have thought of organ implants and giving new lives to the patients with damaged organs, but science is making possible by understanding the critical ways about how nature works and how we can make it work in the way we like. Some of them are even working on equations which can make it possible to summarize the whole sciences into one simple equation. These equations represent the way how nature works, and we can see them practically around us in material form as their applications, the car which we drive everyday is governed by a set of equations which is given by Physicists which govern how precisely the engine has to be designed to make it an efficient product. This means everything in this world can be quantified in terms of equations. We can measure the physical parameters around us with the help of various “meters” made available to us by Physics, and very accurately predict how a machine is going to behave when subjected to certain activities. This will become true in near future with humans also; given a particular set of various human body parameters we will be able to predict very accurately about how a person will behave in a particular situation, howsoever there may be abstractness in human thoughts.

This raises a big doubt in my mind, whether we are really a free being living on this planet, certainly not, at every instant we are bound by a particular set of equations involving complex variables which can predict with reason about how and why certain things are happening. But again, we can take advantage of these equations and re-engineer for our good. This would be a great achievement of science if we ever will be able to reach an equation which will enable us to envisage about any of the human activity like emotions, strengths, fear etc. Demerits is currently not in my scope of discussion Winking smile

P.S. – This is purely my personal beliefs, your inputs would be highly appreciated, please use the comments section below. Smile