I was just reading this article on GigaOM blog, and I’ve found its really cool to have a technological start up in India, all you need to have is a good idea and a bit of know-how..
Some of the really cool start up ideas which are now a successful giants include snapdeal, monster.com, naukri.com etc..

The good thing is that all the young mind, the techies are starting up these ventures. Colleges are also encouraging  for new start ups instead of going for campus placements, like I’ve liked the initiative of IITB very much.
But well the path of Entrepreneurship is very risky, its cool for the one who wants to add spice to their life, love adventures, and want to explore the world. To be on safe side you can always go for an Insurance to your carrier like doing an M.B.A.
Talking about my personal ideas on start up, social media world has always fantasized me as potential market for generating good amount of money, starting up with analytics of social media research, reach of advertisers are some of the things which interest me apart from my interest in software development on CMS frameworks like wordpress, joomla, mediawiki etc.
But there are hell lot of things I can do, or I must say I want to do.., but I’ll have to choose one, and this is always one of the most difficult part of life, when you have to choose between the things you equally desire..