3 Must have Android Application for making your PC an Ultraportable device

If you are a lazy person just like I am, and  want to do all your work on laptop or your desktop without reaching out to it. Here I show you some of the best Android applications which will provide you the true portability of your PCs capabilities in mobile phone. You just need to keep your PC on and connected to mobile device, by using any of following methods

  • Use same router for Wi-Fi connection
  • Use in-built Wi-Fi Tethering or any application for same in your android phone.
  • Use Wi-Fi Ad-Hoc network of your PC

Jump Desktop

Lets start with an application which you need to get your PC screen, keyboard and mouse controls in your mobile. Jump Desktop is a VNC client which shows up your screen and you can remotely control your PC. You need to have a VNC server installed to run this on your mobile and to control things on your PC. The VNC server which I use on my PC for this purpose is TightVNC.



But as with any other VNC, it lacks the ability for file transfer. So, to get around this issue I use AirDroid. This is free software which provides capability of to and fro file transfer, remote application installation and more. If you have less memory or your phone doesn’t support this software, then you can go with having an FTP server in your Phone. Using this you can add/remove or delete your files wirelessly. You don’t need anything to be installed in your PC for using either of these two.



Unified Remote

Sometimes, you may need to present PowerPoint shows, or remotely control your media player. You may use VNC client for this purpose as well, but most of those are not free. So, a good alternative is using Unified remote. You can control almost everything from your phone using this software, but you can not see the screencast of your PC. It also needs a server to be installed on your PC to work.