Handful of days to go…

I guess i am gonna be like him.. 🙂

With just handful of days left for graduation, I am enjoying these days with my friends as much as I can, I want to be with each friend…, as much possible.. coz there is a fear in my mind, that once there comes distances, its sure, it will also bring some communication gaps, and ultimate cut off… and I don’t want this, there are some friends of mine at my college, whom I care about, I want to share my life with them and also expect the same.

In past few days, I’ve got a new interest of playing pool, and its cool! Winking smile I am also getting expert at it another game which I am playing these days is UNO.., and its an addictive card game for me.
With just 6 days of college life left, I’ll now recollect my memories, with some of my good friends at college and, I am going to write a testimonial here on my blog…, You can let me know, if you want me to write a testimonial for you..

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