Getting connected…

So.., it was a long time for me till now.. as I was disconnected with Internet world, since I joined Angelique International Limited. Finally, we’ve purchased and installed network connection with Tikona Digital Networks as our ISP. The connection just got installed an hour ago, before writing this…, So can’t give much of a review, but it seems like they are providing us with very good speed.

So far, they have installed a device used to convert PoE to 10/100 connection, I’ve seen this kind of device for the first time. Talking about the speed.., here is the speed test result..

Speed test

The device they installed looks like as shown here.., nothing else have been installed except this and a signal receiver on roof.

RJ to PoE adopter

Mean while, last weekend, I visited Gurgaon to see my college friends. It was nice meeting them all.. And yes.. I forgot to tell.. I’ve started cooking food, and I can also clean my utensils my self… Feeling proud.. 🙂

Well.. To end up.. this is another part of life.. I am trying hard to start enjoying it… Ab net mil gya hai to man ko thodi shaanti mil gyi h.. 😉

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