Economic Meltdown and Me..

Well… The bad time is coming up.., this economic breakdown is seriously affecting my personal finances, and I am unable to track my spendings. Firstly, I got my salary after 45 days of waiting because I was paid early in festive season, and now I realized the fact that I am left with not even a single penny from this month’s salary. Managing Personal finances has become a serious problem to me in this increasing inflation and times of economic breakdown, even big companies are being affected by this meltdown. [The Hindu]
Somethings which are making it more worse than ever is that I am also not getting any freelancing jobs these days!

My problem is very small as compared to this problem of inflation affecting the Indian Economy as a whole. Government is not able to put any control on increasing prices of commodities, rise in living expenses for a standard or sub-standard living.
Moreover Rupee has also achieved its lowest place in past two years against dollar. I don’t know whats wrong with economics of country when it is being headed by an Economist, and Union Minister for Home affairs being an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School. Whats the use of getting such premier education, some times by looking at these politicians I feel like going for an M.B.A. is just waste of money. You can never learn management in a room, its rather art, in which very few people are perfect.

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