Windows Live Writer Portable – 5MB Installer

I use Windows Live Writer to write my blog sometimes, and not only this, Windows Live Writer also helps me doing some basic HTML editing in WYSIWYG style. It is the best products ever made by Microsoft for Bloggers blogging on Windows Platform. The best part about Windows Live Writer is that its free of Cost!
But wait, the downside is that it comes with Windows Live Package which weighs around 130MB to download. Not everyone in this world has that good internet connection for such bulky downloads. So, here is something which is rather less known to people, that Microsoft also offers Windows Live Writer as Standalone Offline installer which is with file size as low as less than 5MB.

This version is however older, but does all the basic things required by a Blogger, so if you are working on a low speed internet connections, this is best for you. You can carry this amazing software as a portable in pen drive as well.

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