A new experience of Windows 8

LogoI am seriously so impressed by Windows 8 that I took a step to blog about it. The best part is Microsoft has first time tried to experiment and go beyond its conventional start menu, which its has been following for past 20 years in every edition of Windows. Windows 8 comes with a brand new concept of start menu, offering much like a mobile layout of installed applications and programs on PC. Talking about “Application” and “Programmes”, their is another big change which Microsoft has made, that now you can run Windows application… So, what’s new in this..? Well.., earlier version of Windows used to run programmes, this version of Windows supports not only programs but Windows applications as well, these are all made to give you a feel of true mobility. The user experience  of Windows 8 applications is much similar to any mobile platform. There is also an app store for the same.


Lets start with the improvements in Windows 8 over previous edition. When, I installed Windows 8 first run included screens like setting up Microsoft account, I wondered why, but now that I got it, it is because now you can sync your computer settings to your Microsoft account, so next time you format your PC, you can restore your settings back. The other major improvement is boot time and shutdown time, its faster than ever before, this may be because this time I have installed 64 bit version of Operating system, earlier I used 32 bit version of Operating Systems. But booting up PC now works like charm. The next big improvement is its Task Manager, it gives a hell lot of details than any other version of windows ever did… Check out this screenshot of Task Manager below, and this is just one page of a tab shown, there is a lot more to it.

Windows 8 Task Manager

There are many good apps added to its App Store, however I don’t think there is any reason to install them, most of the things which those apps does can be done in your browser. I guess, most of the apps are HTML based only. However, there are some good apps as well, and those are mostly games, few of them which I love playing is Jet Pack Joyride, Cut the Rope, Where is my Perry etc. With all good said, lets get to the other side of Windows 8, which is not so good.

The major challenge in Windows 8 is that a few things have got their place changed, so if you have been using windows there may be some things, for which you won’t find how to get that thing back. For example, I used to right click and drag programmes which I frequently use to start menu, but now, as there is no start menu, you have to right click and pin them, and then cam my major annoyance, after pinning that program to start menu I was unable to rename it, I tried right clicking in start menu but there was not an option for that. So, after a bit of digging in, I found a workaround, I have shared this here-

Renaming shortcuts in Windows 8

There are also a lot of new shortcuts added in this version of Windows, which will help you work faster if you love to use keyboard, some of these keyboard shortcuts have been shown below in the video.

Shortcuts in Windows 8

In my conclusion, I would like to say, if you are the one who likes to explore new things you must try Windows 8, you might get a few problems in first few days, but when you will get used to of it, it will feel amazing appealing to work in Microsoft’s new Metro work environment.

Union Budget – My Views

Yesterday, I was watching the Union Budgest speech delivered by P. Chidambram, and I found that it was really innovative, the proposals for upcoming financial year can bring up the Indian Economy well above from its current position. I acknowledge what is said by him in his concluding remarks, that we can become among the top 5 economies of the world in all respects by end of 2025. This statement has a lot of strings attached starting with ifs and buts… Nothing can be achieved without proper implementation in a strategic manner.
Initially, when he started his speech, all he was telling was some numbers, this much will be allocated to this department, this project, this mission and all… It seemed no sense to me, that so much money is allocated then why we are still lagging behind, the answer lies in implementation. Acknowledging the inefficiencies in Government department he also announced various PPP projects. His budget was basically consisting of policies and stratgies being adopted at International standards. Something, which was a kind of new thing was a Women banks, this can be seen as political agenda, but after all he is a politician also we can expect some level of populistic budget in that terms. Another, new thing was taxing HNIs, something which is being adopted in many countries to fill in gap of their fiscal deficits. But, no one can stop people from tax evasion, and here comes few tips from Economic Times and there are others available too to prevent yourself in falling the 42800 HNIs in India.

A few days back, I read this article in Times of India that how taxing the “rich class” could this really help the government in building funds, and I must say it was an eye opener for me. In his budget speech, he restricted himself talking about common man much., but the main focus was to improve the macroeconomic scenario of country. If I were to rate the budget, I would have rated it 3.5-4 out of 5. It was innovative,forward looking, talking a bit about policy changes, etc. but less relief for a common man’s day to day life.