Empowering the women

It was a surprise for me to see a bill being passed in parliament amidst the coalgate allegations on Prime Minister by opposition and constant adjourning of parliament. This was an important bill long due as per some of the bureaucrats and NGOs. The Sexual harassment of women at Workplace bill (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal), 2012 is a prolific result of the toil of NGOs and concerned bodies. While NGOs were happy with the Bill terms and condition as it also included domestic help, some were sceptical about the implementation of law.

As per law any kind of sexual advancement towards women at workplace would be criminal offence and could easily land you up in jail or a good amount of fine. Any repeated incidents reported against employer could even disavow an organization/employer from its business license. This might come as a great fear to the IT companies which try to maintain a fair sex ratio. No organisation would like to cancel their business license because of their employees’ personal issues. This brings a bigger challenge to the companies where most of the workforce is diverse and from different cultures and religions. As per law it is also mandatory for every organisation to deploy an internal redressal system which could allow employees to solve their conflicts internally.

This move seemed to be another move taken in favour of becoming a feminist state. I really don’t understand what does gender equality actually means in country like India…