The Liberty of Attire

Some people classify me as male chauvinist, may be because I just resist myself to talk about Women or the issues relating to them, but this issue of imposing so called “decent” dress code for women in various Organizations across India is bugging me a lot. I wanted to express my views in this social concern.

Recently the child and women development department of Haryana has barred employees from wearing jeans and T-shirts, whatever may be the reason of this move, but I see this move clearly as an attack to Freedom of citizens. India might have got freedom more than 65 years ago, but the conservative thinking still exists even in metro cities and well educated households of our country.

Personally, I don’t like any dress code at any institution at any level. A dress code gives some sense of slavery. Someone’s dress describe much about person how like what should be the maturity level of the person. Dressing sense even effects people’s confidence. I feel confident when I am wearing a good looking dress (at least the dress, which I consider as good looking). Now, If my organization is putting some kind of restraint in the dress I am wearing this is clearly disrespect to right to freedom to express yourself.

Haryana Government decision may be a result of various rape attempts on women taking place near Gurgaon and other areas of Haryana, but this one is clearly not a solution. The root cause of increasing attempt to rape is certainly not how women dress. Its not the victim who wants to be victimized, its the attacker who wants to exploit victim. Action should be taken against attackers and not victims.

To this opinion of mine, one of my friend said, that to some level its the victims who are exciting the attackers to exploit them. He gave an example, that use of western dresses at work by women is like keeping your house open for burglaries, in this way allowing thieves to burgle the house. This opinion was certainly non-conservative but very practical. That guy actually made me speechless to take this argument to any further level. So, I need your opinion in this context. How we can reach an effective solution without affecting the basic Right to have freedom in a Free Republican country like India.