Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Its Holidays time guys… I am seeing on Google homepage today, they are all wishing Happy Holidays. And there is a secret Easter at Google too, try searching Christmas on Google, you will find something new 😉

Friends, a very Happy Holidays from me too.. Enjoy this winter at your homes with a nice cup of coffee. There are a lots of movie releasing this season, if you are a movie junkie.. Stay tuned for them.. Today released Don 2, targeted to entertain you this holiday season.
Have an Entertaining Holidays, I’ll be also going back to my hometown, Ambala for vacations. Check out this small video, which I just made on Windows Movie Maker.

Java & Prorgramming

So.. It was a long time I was not doing anything new in computers, so now I decided to make an Android application. But you need to know java and then you need to know How android SDK works.. Well now I’ve officially started learning java lets see how it goes. BTW, I like the coffee icon of java 😉

I am using the java help file which is used to create tutorials at official Sun Java website. If you are also intrested you can download the e-book from here []

Why Blogger is better than WordPress

Even though, my website Chill Geeks is now hosted as a WordPress blog, but I would still prefer blogger/ blogspot over WordPress and I’ve my reasons for that, blogger is something which is designed from the view of blogging purposes. It provides most of the required customization options, analytics and theme designing as required for a blogging platform. With all new version of blogger, they’ve also added a lot of other things which made blogging even more easy than ever, and of course the new pre-built views (viz. Flipcard, Classic, Magazine, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, Timeline) make the layout and designing a hassle free job, plus the coding is so done, you don’t have to worry about any error or warning regarding validation of HTML/CSS/XHTML.
Coding is so clean and optimized for Blogger Blog, but in wordpress it seems like there is a lot of clutter which is not required if you are good at basic HTML and CSS. Clean coding helps in better SEO as it will be easy to understand for Search Engine Spiders.
A few more points why I still prefer Blogger is because-
  • Blogger provides better security
    As the Google account is associated with a blogger account, its sign in is done using SSL only. However, if you own a WordPress blog, you’ll have to purchase SSL certificate to enable SSL login in WordPress blog.
  • Blogger provides structured coding in one xml file
    Unlike wordpress Blogger works with only one XML file and all pages are generated using that XML file only. WordPress uses php and you’ll have to make a diffrent php for header, footer, body content, sidebar of blog. Which also causes increased page loading time.
  • Anything can be done on blogger
    Apart from custom file hosting, any thing can be done on a blogger blog, which a wordpress blog can do.
  • Blogger is also optimzed for mobile layouts
    Well.. There is increase in number of people using internet from Mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, Androids etc.. This has caused significant amount of increase in mobile traffic, without doing anything Blogger also provides responsive mobile layout
But, In the end, WordPress is having its own advantages, scripts like timthumb can be used at WordPress only which is helpful in generating optimized code for thumbnails view. For blogging, I would always prefer Blogger over WordPress. But for doing more than blogging, WordPress is good.

Something from workplace

It was December 15, 2011 when officially my probation period for post of Project Engineer got completed, and everybody who joined along with me was pretty much excited, because it was the day when they were going to be promoted, but I was having doubts in my mind that management must be least concerned about as.. After all, its HR Management of an EPC company. And my doubts got verified at the end of day, we neither received any mail, nor any letter of appointment as a Project Engineer.
Well, this concern of HR department of an organization shows how much they are concerned about the people who work for them, and this is something I think personally that level of commitment towards an organization not only depends upon how much monetary compensation one person is getting, it rather depends upon many other factors too. Dealing with humans is one of the most difficult managerial practice, and management fails if 90% of employees of an organization are dissatisfied with the role they are playing towards betterment of the organization.
But.. this was all my personal opinion, it may vary and I’ve seen it varying a lot form person to person. There are few Pioneers working along with me, who have seen and worked along with organizations to bring them to a next level, they’ve got the best experience to themselves. They know the best how to work effectively and make optimum use of resources to bring your organization to next level. They deserve managerial positions a big domain in working of projects and things should be kept transparent to them, if not done so they often get dissatisfied and their is a loss of a major amount of human manpower, which could otherwise served in a lot better ways. Well, one such incident happened today at my organization, and my organization lost such a Pioneer. It was nice bidding farewell to him, I wish him all the best for his upcoming future endeavors.

Colleagues from my workplace 🙂