On the Move!

Well, as you all guys know, I am running very busy these days, so maintaining a blog is a bit difficult task for me these days. But I would now utilize some of my time at office to keep my blog up and share my Life’s news with you people. By the way, the old times are going to vanish soon, when I used to live in Chalera, Sector 44, Noida. That place was really a hell for me, especially when it comes to power cuts.
We are now moving to Sector 41, Noida, along with two of my colleague. This place is a lot better than previous one, the best part is that Papa Jhone’s Pizza shop is just 800-900 meters away from the place where I’ll be living. I’ll be moving there on 6th October 2011, living in a village was never a good experince with me, whether it may be an Urban village like Challera or a real village which can be found in sub-urbs of Haryana and Punjab.

By the way.. I am becoming highly active on twitter these days, and getting addicted to tweeting, its all fun, thanks to Mobileways Gravity application. 🙂
It would be great if you can catch me up on twitter @prateeksingla

Very soon, I’ll be back with working on my Tech blog “Chill Geeks” too… I am thinking of a giveaway, worth $50, on Chill Geeks very soon. So, stay tuned.. Keep reading and sharing! 🙂