Vodafone [Delhi/NCR] – My Review

Back… when I used to live in a small town of Kurukshetra, in Haryana (India), people often ask me to switch to the Vodafone service of mobile network, because they used to say me that they provide me

with the best services, the best network provider in India, and every vodafone customer seemed to be so happy. I was a Tata Docomo customer at that point of time, and even I used to be very happy and satisfied customer of Tata Docomo, they provided me with the best suitable mobile plans for me, and they’ve got good network coverage, all the places I traveled through, like Lucknow, New Delhi, Haryana, etc… In just 200 rupees I was able to manage my monthly mobile calls/SMS/GPRS expenses, very easily with optimum calling rate of an avrage of 5-10 minutes per day (outgoing).

But now.., I am living in Delhi NCR, and using Vodafone was my biggest mistake which I could have ever did. I would never recommend Vodafone as a mobile network provider to any person, dead or alive. And here are few reasons why! –
It took me 5 visits to retailer, 4 E-mails to Vodafone customer care, more than 7 calls to Vodafone care Delhi (not Toll free) and 15 days in total to get my SIM activated, after purchase and submitting of all the documents.
Well.., people so over hyped vodafone services in my mind so, I could get that strength to bear those 15 days on roaming. Well, after successful activation of services, I just looked at Top Ups, Validity and various special tariff recharge vouchers available for Delhi NCR region, I found it very costly. But price is not a big deal for me, if I get good services at higher price, I am ready to spend accordingly. So, I did spend about 100 rupees on Message pack, 100 more on GPRS pack, and 150 for Talk time, on the day of activation itself. Now here starts the heights of fraud of big mobile network provider, I got the message for my respective recharges immideatly after the recharge, and I started messaging happily, but then after some time I realized that the GPRS browsing which I was doing was deducting from my main account, and when I called them for a reason, they said it takes 4 hours to activate GPRS plan, however message pack activates immediately, and any amount deducted from main account can not be refunded, and that jerk, sitting at Vodafone customer care hung up on me. The company just hire idiots to sit over there who don’t know how to talk to their customers.
And.. I forgot to tell, Vodafone Care is also not toll free, you have to pay them out of your main account balance, to get your problem resolved which is caused by them only. This is one of the biggest flaw in after sale services of any product. I don’t think, any mobile operator charges for there customer care service number calling.
Well, in this way, I lost most of my main account balance from my prepaid SIM, in few days of purchase of new SIM.
In the end…, network reach of vodafone is also not so good, I’ve experienced a lot of problems of network while traveling though Delhi, especially in Metro, underground, as well as overground.

Conclusion: A real thumbs down to Vodafone Delhi NCR