Scribbling Day!

The most awaited day of last few days was here.., and we did scribbled a lot.. A lot then I expected. I had to purchase another tee shirt for scribbling.. It was a fun day and we were also done with our major project.. So, a lots of reason to celebrate.! 🙂

Scribbling people

We did a lot of scribbling, it was fun, at the End, I got my T-shirts with following content… Check the link []

The One with Photo-shoots

So, today is going to be my last day of college, and we are done with collecting all the memories with our friends. So far, I’ve collected loads of memories,  good as well as bad… Moments are getting captured in photographs these days. And 6 May 2011 is going to be the last day of my graduation, collecting memories and living the life with friends.
So, here goes the shot from NIT Kurukshetra’s official magazine “Helios”, for Civil Engineering batch (2k7-11)

NiT Kurukshetra

I was just remembering the day where it all started was also celebrated in our family, and the day where it all is going to end, it is also being celebrated in our family, as I just came back from my Uncle and Aunt’s Marriage Anniversary.
Celebrating the spirit of friendship, I’d like my friends to write a testimonial about me…, I would love to hear from you..! 🙂

It was fun getting wet in rain.., came back from Vishant’s home just now…
So…, the college is over and…

The Only Farewell

Well., a lot of parties are going around in my college as the session is going to end very soon. So, I got an invite from Team Infrastructure juniors for Infrastructure farewell. This is one of the best things happened to me, after joining Team Infrastructure, I really like to appreciate my juniors for this.., and I would like to thank them, for throwing such a great farewell party.
Thanks everybody for the token of love, it was really great, and my mother also appreciated it. Whoever choose that photo, a special thanks to that person.